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BPMCA (Business process management Collateral Assets)

BPMCA (Business Process Management Collateral Assets) is a professional collateral asset management system designed and built to meet the specific challenges faced by banks. With its configurable, customizable process management capabilities, document storage through ECM, and text retrieval and printing functions, BPMCA helps banks streamline business processes and enhance operational efficiency

Collateral Assets management process

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Initiate the Process and Enter Information

  • Enter details such as customer information, Asset ID, list of documents, and co-owners.
  • Once all necessary information and relevant transaction documents are provided, submit the file to the controller for verification of the details.
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Control documents

Control officers and fund specialists carry out a screening process, verifying the information of the documents before they are stored. This ensures that all relevant information is confirmed and complete before being placed into storage.

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    Document Approval

    The fund manager verifies the information and approves documents that meet the requirements:

    • Documents are stored in the folder structure.
    • The system supports officers in generating handover/receipt records and records the approval date/time and approver's information, while sending emails to users involved in the process.

    BPMCA possesses outstanding and valuable features

    Approval Process Configuration

    Allows banks to create and customize various document approval processes according to their specific needs. Furthermore, it enables user permissions at each approval step, granting users access and the ability to perform necessary actions to complete the process

    Sending and Displaying Notifications

    Provides a notification feature to alert relevant users when there is a new approval request that requires processing

    Document Storage

    Enables the storage of documents related to the approval process, including core document information and attached details. Additionally, users can access and print documents from the system for various purposes


    Aggregating statistical data on collateral asset entries each month reveals fluctuations and progress in collateral asset management. Regular updates on task status and document status provide users with an overview of completed tasks and upcoming responsibilities, facilitating effective decision-making throughout the work process


    Utilizing Camunda Technology and ECM

    Utilizing Camunda

    VSII takes pride in being an experienced partner in implementing Camunda - a world-leading technology platform for process management and automation in BPM (Business Process Management). With powerful features such as high customization, reliability, scalability, easy deployment, and flexible integration, VSII is committed to delivering the best experience for customers in digitizing their business processes using Camunda

    Document Storage with ECM

    Users can conveniently store, manage, and retrieve documents related to the approval process. ECM provides the capability to store core documents, attachments, and relevant data in an organized structure, ensuring integrity and quick access. BPMCA can seamlessly integrate with various ECM tools, including Documentum, OpenText Content Suite, IBM FileNet, SharePoint, and Alfresco


    BPMCA offers versatile applications across multiple domains

    BPM is not only beneficial for banking but can also be widely applied across various industries.

    Finance and Banking

    Digitizing credit application processes and collateral asset management.

    Administrative Procedures, Document Processing

    Streamlining complex administrative processes, moving towards a 'paperless office' model.

    Other Business Processes

    Capable of digitizing any business process management requirement